The Visual Music Festival Submission Guide provides an overview in one single location of all of the various festivals where you may submit your visual music art. The Guide lists essential information about each festival to make submitting your art work simpler. Here you will find an overview of the essential information about the upcoming festivals, such as submission categories, deadlines, and entry forms. Some festivals accept submissions through several Online Submission Platforms (OSP). For more information and requirements, check out the respective OSP or the website of the particular festival.

This information was collected by Visual Music Artist Katharina Blanken and was made available for free to the public domain.
To propose new or missing festivals, please send an email to To find out more about Katharina Blanken and her Visual Music works, please visit her official website >>>

Status as of June 2016
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FestivalCategoryMax film durationEntry Fee
(Early - Late Deadline)
Years runningFestival
CountryOnline Submission Platform /
way to submit
12Gates Video Art FestMusic Video (Experimental)< 20min10 - 20$--Currently the submission is closed and no information about the next date available03N/AUSA PAFilmFreeway
A3C [All 3 Coasts] Festival & Conference – Music Video CompetitionMusic VideoN/A----Currently the submission is closed and no information available122016/10USA GAFilmFreeway
Access Code Short Film FestivalMusic Video< 45min14 - 39$--092016/11INDFilmFreeway
Albuquerque Film & Music ExperienceShort Film< 50minN/AN/ACurrently the submission is closed and no information available042017USA NEW MEXICOFilmFreeway!submit-film/c1fxp
Amarcord ArthouseTelevision & Video FestMusical Film/Music Video--10 - 50$--032016/12USA ILFilmFreeway
AMFM FEST: art. music. film. moreN/AN/AN/AN/ACurrently the submission is closed and no information available03N/AUSA NMFilmFreeway
AMFM FEST: FLAGSTAFFFilm--20 - 50$--„…everything that's awesome, hilarious, cool, compelling, fun, serious, life-changing, entertaining, etc.”022016/07USA NEW MEXICOFilmFreeway
Amsterdam International Film FestivalMusic Video,
--30 - 55$--072017/05NLDFilmFreeway
Anibar International Animation FestivalAnimated Music Video------062016/08XXKFilmFreeway
Annual Copenhagen Film FestivalMusic Video,
--05 - 15$,
10 - 65$
Antimatter (Media Art)General Submission--15 - 25$Victoria
Experimentation in film, video, audio and emerging time based forms192016/10CANFilmFreeway
Architecture and Design Film Festival New YorkGeneral Submission------Architecture082016/10USA NYOnline form, DVD
Around International Film Festival BerlinMusic Video,
--20 - 50$--022016/12GERFilmFreeway
Art & Music FilmsMusic Films,
Art Films
--03$--Films about art or the music world022017/03PRTFilmfestivallife
Artcroft Film and Video FestivalExperimental< 60min10 - 50$--“This is where Music Videos should go!”012016/09USA KYFilmFreeway
Artfools Video FestivalShort Film< 20min01$--072017/02GRCFilmFreeway
Artshort FestivalMusic Video< 06min08 - 10$--072016/12RUSFilmFreeway
Atlanta Film FestivalMusic Video,
Music Film
< 04min,
< 20min
----Incl. Experimental412017/03USA GAFilmFreeway
Atlanta Underground Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Shorts
< 45min25 - 50$--132016/08USA GAFilmFreeway
Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Shorts
< 09.59min,
< 59min
05 - 25$,
15 - 50$
TX Premiere,
no broadcast on television, DVD or streaming distribution
292016/09USA TXFilmFreeway
Austin Music Video FestivalMusic Video< 15min,
Long Form Music Films or Music Documentaries must be 15 - 120 minutes.
15 - 25$
25 - 40$
Narrative, Animation, Interactive, Cinematography, Vintage / Heritage, Weird / Eccentric, long form Music Film / Documentary
022016/08USA TXFilmFreeway
Awareness Film FestivalMusic Video--25 - 55$--072016/10USA CAFilmFreeway
Backup Festival WeimarClip Award< 15min----Experimental Music Video192017/05GEROnline form,
Beaufort International Film FestivalShort Film< 40min30 - 55$--Every genre to include Independent Film, Music, Animation, short and long Features, Documentaries, and Screenwriting112017/02USA SCFilmFreeway
Bellingham Musik Film FestivalMusic Video< 20min----022017/04USA WAFilmFreeway
Berlin International CinefestMusic Video--03 - 10$World
Berlin Music Video AwardsMusic Video< 08min15 - 26$--042017/05GERFilmFreeway
BIDEODROMO Internacional Experimental Film and Video FestivalExperimental films and videos------Currently the submission is closed and no information about the next date available06N/AESPFilmFreeway
Blackbird Film FestNon-Competitive--02$--Any Genre, Any Length.032017/04USA NYFilmFreeway
BLOW-UP Chicago International Arthouse FILM FESTExperimental< 55min20 - 50$--122016/08USA ILFilmFreeway
Boomtown Film & Music FestivalMusic Video,
--10 - 20$--102017/02USA TXFilmFreeway
Broken Knuckle Film FestivalMusic Video--03 - 06$--“Musky Music Videos”022016/10Online FestivalFilmFreeway
Brooklyn Film FestivalExperimental--50 - 85$--“Music Videos are accepted and welcome.”202017/06USA NYFilmFreeway
Bucharest Short Film FestivalMusic Video,
Stop Motion
< 30min10 - 35$----2016/09ROUFesthome
Bucharest ShortCut CinefestMusic Video< 10min05$--012016/08ROUFilmFreeway
CAMP Festival
International Festival for Visual Music
Visual MusicN/AN/AN/ACurrently the submission is closed and no information available182017GERN/A
Canada International Film FestivalMusic Video,
--19 - 49$,
25 - 40$
Chicago International Movies and Music FestivalMusic Video< 15minN/AWorld
Premiere or non-competitive section
Currently the submission is closed and no information available08N/AUSA ILFilmFreeway
CINETEKTON! International Architecture Film FestivalExperimental< 30min----“Experimental with narrative, visual, sound and spatial elements”032016/09MEXFilmFreeway
Citysonic BelgienN/AN/AN/AN/ACurrently the submission is closed and no information available14N/ABEOnline form
Cleveland International Film FestivalMusic Video< 15min50 - 90$World
Based on audience vote, the Music Movies Competition showcases Documentaries and Narratives with music themes.412017/03USA OHFilmFreeway
ClipAwardMusic Video< 15min03$--102016/11GERFilmFreeway
Copenhagen Architektur Film FestivalGeneral Submission------032017DKMail
Cork Film FestivalShort Film< 30min15 - 30€Cork
“The Festival boasts a lively and varied music on film programme, and runs a discussion series which uses films to explore some of the burning issues of our time.”612016/11IRLReelport
Creative Edge Film FestivalMusic Video--35 - 50$--012016/09USA IAFilmFreeway
Crystal Palace International Film Festival LondonMusic Video--28 - 40$--082016/10GBRFilmFreeway
CTM Festival BerlinVideoscreeningN/AN/AN/A172017/01-
GEROnline form
Cucalorus Film FestivalMusic Videos - Visual/Sound/Walls--25 - 55$--222016/11USA NCFilmFreeway,
or online form
CutOut Fest International Animation and Digital Art FestivalAnimated Music Video,
Animated Experimental Short Film,
< 30min----072016/11MEXFilmFreeway
CÓDEC Festival de Vídeo Y Creaciones SonorasExperimental,
Video Art,
Video Dance,
Creative Documentary Film,
Found Footage
< 15min0-03$--022016/12MEXFilmFreeway
DAMNED – An Exhibition of Enlightened DarknessExperimental/Conceptual< 13min13$--092016/10USA MIFilmFreeway
Dances with FilmsMusic Video< 10min25$--Other categories would be also suitable for Visual Music202017/06USA CAFilmFreeway
Desert Rocks Film and Music EventMusic Video< 10min10 - 25$Unpublished
042016/10USA CAFilmFreeway
DOC LA. Los Angeles DocumentaryShort Film< 44min0 - 55$--„Films of any genre. whenever we discover unique or charming work. We are also enthusiastic about strange and unclassifiable films.”022016/10USA CAFilmFreeway
Dublin International Short Film and Music FestivalMusic Video< 35min15 - 20€--052016/10IRLFilmFreeway
(other Platforms
are available,
EstilhaçosMusic /Arts-Documentary - ShortN/AN/AN/AFiction and Animation Short Films, Documental and Experimental Cinema, Exhibitions, Dance and other interventions04N/APRTFilmFreeway
Euregion Shorts Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Short
< 06min,
< 20min
05 - 14$--022017/01NLDFilmFreeway
Experimental SuperstarsExperimental Film,
--0 - 10$--022016/09SRBFilmFreeway
Fest Anča international animation festivalAnimated Music Video------092016/07SVKFilmFreeway
Festival Solo Para CortosShort Film,
First Work
< 21min----122017/03ESPFilmFreeway
Film ScoreMusic Video03-10min20 - 35$--082017/06USA TNFilmFreeway
Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-PreisShort Film------382017/01GEROnline form
Filmplus - Festival für Filmschnitt und MontagekunstFörderpreis< 20min----162016/10GERFilmFreeway
FilmSaazMusic Video------Short Films,
Documentaries, Music, Art & cultural advocacy panoramas
Fine Arts Film Festival Santa BarbaraFine Arts and Dance< 30min25 - 100$--032016/07USA CAFilmFreeway
Free State FestivalShort Films< 30min10 - 25$Local
Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, Animation and Music Videos062017/06USA KSFilmFreeway
Ghoroub International Film FestivalMusic Video,
Short Fiction
--05$--Shorts, Animation, Experimental and Documentary022016/10IRNFilmFreeway
Global Music AwardsMusic Video--35 - 50$--062017/06USA CAFilmFreeway
Great Lakes International Film FestivalShort length--25 - 55$World
„Documentary, Experimental, (..) and all genres of Music Videos and GLBT”152016/09USA PAFilmFreeway
Great Womens's Short Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Film
< 30min,
< 60min
12 - 30$--„woman as a director, as a producer, as a writer, as an editor, as the cinematographer or even the technical staff!”022017/03INDFilmFreeway--
Grenada Afterglow Film FestivalShort (Other)< 30min10$--032016/10USA MSFilmFreeway
Guimarães Cinema Som International Film FestivalAnimation,
(feature and Short Films)
--05 - 20€--“Guimarães Cinema Som is focused on films that offer an authentic perspective on sound and regards sound as a structural element of a film.”012016/10PRTReelport
Or via Email
Hamburg International Short Film FestivalGerman / International Competition--02€--Feature Films, Documentary, Experimental Films, Animations,322017/05GERReelport
Hamilton Music & Film FestivalMusic Video< 15min10 - 20$--092016/09USA ONFilmFreeway
Hammerbrook FilmfestExperimental--05$--022016/12GERFilmFreeway
High Coast International Film FestivalExperimental< 59min05 - 19$--012016/07SWEFilmFreeway
Hollywood Reel Independant Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Short
< 08min,
< 45min
20 - 48$,
30 - 55$
142017/02USA CAFilmFreeway
Hong Kong Arthouse Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Film
< 15min,
< 120min
10 - 25$--012017/06CHNFilmFreeway
Honolulu Film AwardsMusic Video,
--30 - 50$--112017/05USA HIFilmFreeway
Houston Cinemania International Film FestivalMusic Video--01 - 07$--012016/09USA TXFilmFreeway
Houston International Film and Video FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental- Film & Video Art,
< 15min85 - 105$We do prefer Premieres!Both of these categories have various subcategories502017/04USA TXFilmFreeway
Humboldt Int’l Film FestExperimental< 30min20$--502017/04USA CAFilmFreeway
ImaginariaAnimated Film – (Music Video)< 15min----142016/08ITAFilmFreeway
Imaginarium ConventionMusic Video--15 - 20$--032016/10USA KYFilmFreeway
In Silico Experimental Competition at International Film Festival Message to ManExperimental< 15min----Any genre252016/09RUSFilmFreeway
IN THE PALACEExperimental< 27min17 - 23$Bulgarian Premiere142016/12BGRFilmFreeway
(other Platforms
are available,
Indie Fest USA International Film & Music FestivalMusic Video,
--25 - 30$--102016/10USA CAFilmFreeway
Intendence Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 120min
30 - 65$--082017/06USA COFilmFreeway
Interference FestivalExperimental Short Visual Piece< 08minN/A--Currently the submission is closed and no details about the categories available022017POLFilmFreeway
International Festival Signes de NuitExperimental< 30min07€--“Fiction, Documentary, Experimental, Video Art, no Animation”142016/11FR Different Cities/CountriesReelport
International Film Festival of WalesMusic Video--15 - 60$--092016/11WALESFilmFreeway!newport-international-film-festival/c1wpr
International Kansk Video FestivalGeneral submission< 30min----Fiction, Documentary, Experimental, Animation, Video Art152016/08RUSFilmFreeway
International Les Femmes Underground Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Short,
Experimental Animation
--05 - 15$--One of the Award is for the best “Experimental Music Video”012016/08USA CAFilmFreeway
Internationale Kurzfilmtage OberhausenMusic Video< 15min04€--622017/05GERreel
Internationale Kurzfilmwoche RegensburgGerman / International Competition< 30min----A Short Film Festival, open minded for Experimental Films and Visual Music.222017/03GERShortfilmdepot
Internationales Frauen Film Festival Dortmund/KölnExperimental Film------212017/04GERMail
Jecheon International Music & Film FestivalMusic in Sight,
Cine Symphony,
Theme and Variations
Katra Film SeriesShorts< 45min20 - 60$--“… Music Videos, Animation, Experimental, Video Art are welcome”042016/09USA NYFilmFreeway
Kinemastik International Short Film FestivalShort Film--15 - 25€Malta
“We welcome all forms of film production – Animation, Experimental, student work, digital work, etc.”122016/08MLTReelport
Kinsale Sharks Short Film and Music Video AwardsMusic Video< 15min40$--022016/09IRLFilmFreeway
Konstanzer Film< 40min----"Innovative and creative approaches to the medium short film, free from restrictions in genre or subject matters"132016/10GEROnline form
KURZFILMFESTIVAL KÖLN – UNLIMITEDGerman / International Competition< 45min02€--Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental092016/11GERReelport
LA Film FestMusic Video< 10minN/AWorld
Currently the submission is closed and no details about the entry fees available212017/06USA CAFilmFreeway
La Guarimba international Film FestivalMusic Video< 30min05 - 15$--032016/09ITAFilmFreeway
LA Independent Artist Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 15min,
any length
30 - 85$--022016/09USA CAFilmFreeway
Las Vegas Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental film
--25 - 40$--102017/06USA NVFilmFreeway
Lebanese Film FestivalExperimentalN/AN/A--Currently the submission is closed and no details about the entry fees available142017/05LBNFilmFreeway
Leeds International Film FestivalMusic Video Films--20 - 38$--302016/11GBRFilmFreeway
London Experimental Film FestivalShorts< 10min10$--Style: Experimental, Avant-Garde, non-narrative012016/10GBRFilmFreeway
London Fashion Film FestivalMusic Video--50 - 80$--032016/09GBRFilmFreeway
London Film AwardMusic Video,
Experimental Film
--30 - 45$--052016/12GBRFilmFreeway
London Independent Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Short
< 10min,
< 50min
35 - 55$World
or out of competition
Long Beach Indie International Film, Media and Music FestivalMusic Video< 06min40 - 60$--„All the categories are including various genres, e.g. Visual and Performing Arts”032016/09USA CAFilmFreeway
Los Angeles International Underground Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 20min,
< 45min
40 - 60$--062017/06USA CAFilmFreeway
Lund International Architecture Film FestivalShorts,
< 20min15 - 40$--Architecture082016/10SWEFilmFreeway
Macaé Cine International Film FestivalMusic Video--15,90 - 22$--„Features, Shorts, Music Videos, Avant Garde works and so much more are welcome for consideration”062016/10BRAFilmFreeway
Madrid International Film FestivalMusic Video< 60min60 - 85$--052017/07ESPFilmFreeway
Manchester Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 10min25 - 85$UK Premieres will be given priority but it is not essential. We are looking for great films!032017/03GBRFilmFreeway
Marfa Film FestivalMusic Video< 15min30 - 34$--072016/09USA TXFilmFreeway
Melbourne International Cinema ExtravaganzaShorts< 20min45 - 65$--incl. Music Video012017/05AUSFilmFreeway
MEME PAS PEURGeneral Submission--03$--Fantastic films and future images072017/02FR REUNIONFilmFreeway
Mexico International Film FestivalMusic Video--25 - 50$--112017/05MEXFilmFreeway
Miami Indie Artist Film FestivalMusic Videos/Songwriting Contest--40 - 90$--022016/11USA FLFilmFreeway
Miami Short Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 20min35 - 95$--152016/11USA FLFilmFreeway
Migrations Dance FilmShort Dance Film< 15min0 - 20$--122017/04-
Montecatini International Short Film FestivalExperimental / Video Art< 40min17 - 38$--672016/10ITAFilmFreeway
Moondance International Film FestivalMusic Video--75 - 100$--172016/09USA COFilmFreeway
Mosaic World Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 45min10 - 20$--092016/08USA ILFilmFreeway
Moving-Image-Arts International Short Film FestivalFilm/Video Submission< 10min----012017CANFilmFreeway
Mudasfest - non dialogue short film festivalMusic Video,
Experimental Short Films,
< 30min05 - 20$Madeira
Multivision FestivalAnimated Short Films,
street animation
< 10min----142016/11RUSFilmFreeway
Music Mal Online FestMusic Video< 10min12 - 30$Works, that are already published“Subcategories: Song of Substance, Creative Genius,
The Dream Weaver“
Music Video Scavenger HuntMusic Video02-04,5min10 - 15$--“We are mixing three of our favorite things: Music Videos, scavenger hunts, and film festivals to create a unique and fun event.”022017/06N/AFilmFreeway
MuViVisual MusicN/AN/AN/ACurrently the submission is closed and no information available052017ESP / ITN/A
My sound of music SalzburgMyward--05 - 15$--042016/10AUTFilmFreeway
Near Nazareth FestivalMusic Video--12 - 19$--022017/05ISRFilmFreeway
Negah International Film FestivalMusic Video--05$--012016/09IRNFilmFreeway
New Jersey International Film FestivalMusic Video, Experimental--45 - 50$New Jersey or Area Premiere, not available on the internet!352017/06USA NJFilmFreeway
New Media Film FestivalMusic Video--85 - 90$--082017/06USA CAFilmFreeway
New Orleans Film FestivalMusic Video< 12min25 - 40$--272016/10USA LAFilmFreeway
New Renaissance Film FestivalMusic Video--35 - 50$--012016/08GBRFilmFreeway
Nickel Independent Film FestivalMusic Video, Experimental--15 - 45$--172017/06CANFilmFreeway
NOLA Horror Film FestMusic Video--01 - 25$--sub-genre: Horror / Science Fiction / Fantasy / Thriller / Suspense / Psychological / Action / Gothic / Dark Drama / Dark Comedy / Horror Comedy / B-Movie / Campy / Experimental062016/09USA LAFilmFreeway
Northam Film and Music FestivalExperimental--05 -10$--032016/07USA OHFilmFreeway
Northwest Heat Music Video FestivalMusic Video< 10min15 - 30$Unpublished
032016/07USA WAFilmFreeway
OFF Odense International Film FestivalInternational Short Films--09$--Any genre or style (except animation)412016/09DKFilmFreeway
OFFFVisual MusicN/AN/AN/ACurrently the submission is closed and no information available172017/04ESPOnline form
Orlando Film FestivalMusic Video--25 - 55$--112016/10USA FLFilmFreeway
Palermo International Short Film FestivalMusic Video--03$--022016/09ITAFilmFreeway
Paris Art and Movie AwardsMusic Video,
Experimental and visual arts in motion,
< 05min15 - 45$--022016/09FRAFilmFreeway
Paris Independent Film FestivalMusic Video,
Experimental Short
--35 - 65$World
or out of competition
Paris Music Video UndergroundMusic Video,
Dance Video,
< 10min10 - 40$--022017/06FRAFilmFreeway
Point Music Film FestivalMusic Video,
Documentary Music
------022016/11USA CAFilmFreeway
Pori Film FestivalExperimental< 40min03€--Any Genre022016/11FINReelport
Portland Music Video FestivalMusic Video--20$--032017/03USA ORFilmFreeway
Prix Ars Electronica 2016 Animation FestivalComputer Animation / Film / VFX------“2D or 3D Computer Animation, digital Short Films and Narratives, Character Animation, Abstract CG Animation, Scientific Visualizations, Commercials, Music Videos, Visual Effects”302016/09AUTFilmFreeway
Punto y Raya FestivalVisual Music< 08min----Only Dots & Lines as ends in themselves092016/07ESPOnline form
PURE International Experimental Film FestivalExperimental Music Video< 35min13 - 20$--052016/11RUSFilmFreeway
Raindance Film FestivalMusic Video< 06min40 - 80$World
Red Rock Film Festival of Zion Canyon, UtahMusic Video01-05.4min05 - 30$--102016/11USA UTFilmFreeway
Reel TealMusic Video,
Experimental Short,
Animation Short
< 15min----102017/01USA NCFilmFreeway
Render: The Vancouver International Music Video FestivalMusic Video< 10min10 - 20$--032016/11CANFilmFreeway
Resonance Music and Art FestivalVisual Arts------N/A2016/09USA OHOnline form
Rock Hard Film FestivalMusic Video,
Music Documentary/ Mocumentary
< 10min
< 20min
25$--032016/07USA MIFilmFreeway
Roma Creative ContestMusic Video--03 - 05$--062016/09ITAFilmFreeway
Sacramento Film and Music FestivalMusic Video--30 - 50$--172016/09USA CAFilmFreeway
Salento International Film FestivalMusic Video--15 - 35$World
San Francisco Frozen Film FestivalMusic Video--25 - 55$--112016/07USA CAFilmFreeway
SciFi Film FestivalMusic Video< 40min15 - 22$--032016/11AUSFilmFreeway
Seeing Soundexperimental animation,
abstract cinema,
N/AN/AN/ACurrently the submission is closed and no information available08N/AUKOnline form
Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival Filmuniversity BabelsbergMusic Video------452017/04GERFilmFreeway
SFindie's "Another Hole in the Head" Film FestivalShort Film--25 - 55$--Best Art / Experimental Film132016/10USA CAFilmFreeway
Sight of Sound Film FestivalGeneral Submission--25 - 30$--„Sight of Sound is about finding ways to cinematize music, tell amazing stories, and breathe new life into some of classical music’s greatest masterpieces.”042017/09-
USA TXFilmFreeway
Snowdance Independent Film FestivalMusic Clips< 07min10 - 40$--Independent Music Clips042017/01GERFilmFreeway
Solaris Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 10min,
< 30min
12 - 35$--012017/05FRAFilmFreeway
Sound UnseenMusic Video< 14min10 - 25$Minneapolis Premiere172016/11USA MNFilmFreeway
Soundtrack Cologne
Peer Raben Music Award
Short Film<15min00-02€--"There are no restrictions regarding genre or content."082016/08GERReelport
or online form
Southway Film FestMusic Video--05 - 15$--012016/08UKRFilmFreeway
Square Lake Film & Music FestivalExperimental Film< 15min15 - 35$--132016/09USA MNFilmFreeway
Star Film FestivalShort International Experimental< 30min----032016/08HRVFilmFreeway
Stockholm Experimental and Animation Film FestivalExperimentalN/AN/A--Currently the submission is closed and no information about the next date available01N/ASWEFilmFreeway
Student Art FestivalMusic Video,
< 08min,
< 30min
05 - 30$--High School and College Festival042016/11USA FLFilmFreeway
Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Festival for expanded media
Medien im Raum,
Film und Video,
2 Minutes Short Film,
< 30min01,80€--„Installation, Performance,
Web Art, app-based works, works that overlaps between Media in Space, Network Culture and Contemporary Forms of Performing Arts.”
302017/01GEROnline form
Sulmona International Film FestivalMusic Video< 10min25 - 35$--342016/11ITAFilmFreeway
Swedish International Film FestivalMusic Video,
--05 - 45$--012016/07SWEFilmFreeway
Sydney Architecture Festival ShortShort Film< 10 min----Architecture022016/10AUSFilmFreeway
Tehran International Short Film FestivalVideo Art competition< 30min02€--332016/12IRNReelport
Tehran International Silent Film FestivalSilent Experimental------012017IRNFilmFreeway
Territorio FlamencoShort Film< 20min01 - 05$--032016/11ESPFilmFreeway
The Atlanta LGBT Film & Music FestivalShort(Narrative/Doc)10-39min20 - 90$Georgia
no online release
“Animated and Experimental films that meet these guidelines also qualify.”012016/09USA GAFilmFreeway
The Black Sea Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 30min08 - 25$--012016/08ROUFesthome,
The Los Angeles Art-house Film FestivalMusic Video,
< 15min,
any length
30 - 85$--052017USA CAFilmFreeway
The Valley Filmfestival LAMusic Video--05 - 100$Los Angeles Premieres
have priority
162016/09USA CAFilmFreeway
The Vision FeastMusic Video,
< 10min,
any length
10 - 20$--Live action, Performance, Animated, Abstract012016/12NZLFilmFreeway
The WE Film Festival MaastrichtShort Film------Any sort of genre082017/04NLFilmFreeway
The Women’s Voices Now Film FestivalExperimental--20$--“all genders, nationalities, and faiths(…)Silent Films, Mobile Films, Animated Films, Photo Montages, Music Videos or any other type of non-traditional film..."052016/07USA CAFilmFreeway
or online form:
Timelapse Film FestivalExperimental,
Cityscape / Industrial,
Northern Lights
2-8min35 - 70$--012016/08USA CAFilmFreeway
Toronto Arthouse Film FestivalMusic Video< 10min----012016/09CANFilmFreeway
Tracce cinematografiche Film FestMusical Videoclip< 16min01,30$--062017/06ITAFilmFreeway
< 30min09 - 35$--012016/10ROUFesthome
(other Platforms
are available,
TransmedialeVideoscreeningN/AN/AN/A292017/02GEROnline form
Transmission Video Art FestivalVideo Art< 15minN/A--Currently the submission is closed and no information about the next date available01N/AGERFilmFreeway
Tv en cortosMusic Video< 20min----01N/AARGFilmFreeway
UK Film Festival - LondonMusic Video< 10min30 - 100$--062016/11GBRFilmFreeway
US International Film & Video FestivalCorporate,
--395 - 468$--All the categories are including various genres, e.g. Avant-Garde/Experimental502017/06USA CAFilmFreeway
USA Film FestivalExperimental< 60minN/ADallas
„Animation, Fiction or Documentary, Music Videos, (…) may also be submitted in this category.”
Currently the submission is closed and no details about the entry fees available.
47N/AUSA TXFilmFreeway
Victoria Film FestivalExperimental--15-45$--Outside the range of traditional narrative, documentary or animation forms.232017/02CANFilmFreeway
Video Art and Experimental Film FestivalGeneral Submission< 30min35 - 55$--Genres: Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Stop Motion, Remix, Human, Fashion, Music062016/11USA NYFilmFreeway
VIDEODROME - Film/Animation + Video Art ScreeningsVideo Art,
Short Film
< 10min----“Anything from traditional Narrative Shorts to Experimental.
For the art in video form”
Videonale BonnEinkanalvideo, Mehrkanalvideo oder Expanded Media------Festival for Video and Time-Based Arts162017/02-04GEROnline form
Vienna Independent Film FestivalMusic Video,
--10 - 40$--022017/07AUTFilmFreeway
Vienna Independent ShortsMusic Video,
Animation Avantgarde,
< 30min02€--Festival for Short Film, Animation and Music Video132017/05AUTReelport
Virginia Film FestivalExperimental Short< 50min15 - 25$--292016/11USA VAFilmFreeway
Visioni Corte Film FestivalCorto Music< 20min07$--“Aimed at video and Video Art. It regards Music Videos for singers or rising bands, or Video Documentaries accompanied by original music”052016/07ITAFilmFreeway
Visual Music AwardVisual Music Award< 10min----102016/07GEROnline form,
Washington DC Independent Film FestivalShort Film< 30min--DC
Incl. Experimental182017USA DCWithoutabox
What the Festival Art and Music FestivalShort Film< 59min----Experimental, Music Video052017/06USA ORFesthome
WideScreen Film & Music Video FestivalMusic Video,
Short Experimental
< 06min,
< 10min
20 - 50$--032017/02USA FLFilmFreeway
Women’s Director International Film FestivalGeneral Submission--60 - 80$--Experimental Film, Music Videos032016/12INDFilmFreeway
Woodstock Film FestivalMusic Video--15 - 30$Hudson Valley
We are looking for the most creative and fiercely independent videos, no simple performance videos please.172016/10USA NYFilmFreeway
World Music and Independent Film FestivalMusic videos to various genres--35 - 60$No online
072016/09USA VAFilmFreeway
Yale Student Film FestivalExperimental< 45min----022017/04USA CTFilmFreeway
Yosemite International Film FestivalMusic Video,
--25 - 45$--082016/10USA CAFilmFreeway
Zeitzeug_ FestivalMedienkunst,
musikalische Komposition,
weitere Neologismen
------142017/11GEROnline form
Zoom - ZblizeniaVideo Art Competition< 15min----202017/02POLFilmFreeway

Artwork by Pablo Lütkenhaus